About Iberfagot

What is Iberfagot?

Iberfagot is neither an organization nor an enterprise. It is not (at this time) a group or union people. Then, what is Iberfagot?

Iberfagot is the result of personal efforts of an only person, Juan Carlos Tortosa, by contributing to the dissemination of all around the Bassoon's world.

From where is comming?

Some years ago, what is now Iberfagot, had his first presence on the web, through MSN Groups, with this name, "La Web del Fagot". 

La Web del Fagot





In the year 2009 MSN Groups closed and people who had contents in their portal was suggested to migrate to the new platform called "Multiply". After try this platform and others Iberfagot becomes in a blog. The first entrie in the blog with the name of Iberfagot was in April, 2009. It was in the "Blogger" platform. Since then Iberfagot has been regularly publishing both, own content and third content in the adress Iberfagot blogspot.

In the year 2014, Juan Carlos Tortosa, through (or with te name of) Iberfagot, after many trials, purchased his domain name "iberfagot.com" and begins building their websites. One of they, Online Iberfagot, is working since the beginning of the year 2015. Since July 2017 Online Iberfagot becomes into Shop Iberfagot.This site is a catalogue of our works and we can see here some options to purchase our publications. Is at this time when appears the first publication of our current logo, which is the same used in our publications. 

During the summer of 2015, Iberfagot begins the tests of their website. Since then we have tried to improve the navigation on the site. The last major modification has beeb in July 2017.

Where Iberfagot goes?

Who knows it? Of course, Iberfagot aspires to become in a internet portal known in all our country and, why not? also in other places around the world. Nevertheless, our passion by well done work and our aspiration to be an high quality contents provider, will condition the project development.


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