At Iberfagot, we have completely redesigned our website. We have practically built it from scratch again. All this to improve the navigation, to get a faster web with less time loading elements and, mainly, to adapt the site to the type of content published.

We have preserved the essential elements but with a new style. For this we have changed a great part of the components used, with which we managed to vary the visual styles in the different sections.We have chosen two well-differentiated styles, one for most elements of the site and one for the blog, now turned into magazine. The blog is reserved for large articles, whose content may remain interesting over time. Other content such as information about courses or links to articles of third parties whose interest is minor over time has been moved to the magazine, for now with sections of news, courses, videos, publications and the blog itself.

At the same time, we have proceeded to clean items that have already expired or with broken links and to repair others.

We maintain the downloads section and the links section and we have also enabled the publication of links by users of the site.

With all these changes we have achieved a more current view and a more dynamic navigation that we hope will be liked by all our visitors.

As for the forum, after many changes due to the problems that gave us the software version that we were using, and after having tried to separate it from the main site without achieving the expected result, we have chosen to re-integrate it into the site but using an updated  software version.

We look forward to seeing you on the forum.

We have also implemented some improvements in registry security since having a secure site is paramount for Iberfagot.

The navigation of the menus has been completely redesigned and now we have a sidebar with extended information.

We still maintaining the Spanish and English languages practically throughout the site, although in some places the content is the same for both languages since most of our visitors are fromSpanish language. Some articles are translated with a link to the other language within it.

We have worked hard on this update that we hope will be useful for an extended period of time. We have tested the result conscientiously but surely something has escaped us, so you are invited to transfer the bugs that you find as well as your opinion on our Iberfagot site.


We are also working hard to optimize the site for diferents devices such mobile phone and tablets.

Finally, remind you that you can participate in the site commenting, from the forum, uploading links that you consider interesting and even publishing your own articles.

Iberfagot is, from the beginning, a site for all the bassoonists.

We wait for you!!

A cordial and warm greeting to all bassoon players.


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