Music and the Bassoon is an online complete method for the bassoon hosted on the website and developed by Kristin Wolfe Jensen, bassoon teacher since 1995 at the University of Texas at Austin.

The method consists of 50 units plus 5 preliminary and 2 additional (in video) on preparation to play and on adjustment of reeds and intonation.

The method is progressive, suitable for use during all the elementary education courses (Curriculum of Spain), even some units can be used in higher courses.

Each lesson can be printed in PDF and contains images with fingering positions, explanatory videos, and audio files.

In addition, the website includes an interesting links section, piano accompaniments for lessons 12 to 49, an exercise index and a section of videos for weekly practice.

In short, a great resource to help at your clasrroom, made with high quality, and totally free.


 Kristin Wolfe Jensen