With these two new works the editorial offer is expanded in the initial scope.

It had been designed to help students in the first years with the scales and low register.


The first workbook, "Scales for Beginners", is specially focused to the students with less discipline in his scales work.

With this workbook they will have a work guide adapted to their possibilities at the initial level.

The tonalities used are major and natural minor up to two alterations.

The exercises have been adapted to avoid the most difficult notes to play for the youngest due to the size of the hands or the difficulty of fingering.


The other one, “The Bassoon Low Register”, is focused to do an intensive work on the low register, suitable for this level.

This registry always needs a specific job so that the students work on the different needs in terms of air pressure and volume and, also, the adequacy of the position of the mouth. Also, for the student to look for the proper position of their hands, especially that of the left hand.





The two works, along with the rest of the author's publications, are available on Amazon and ShopIberfagot.

We attach a video with the presentation of both works.

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The Bassoon Low Register

Scales for Beginners


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The Bassoon Low Register

Scales for Beginners





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