This Parisian bassoonist and composer is also a bassoon teacher at the CRR of Versailles.

Among his works, we find up to 12 where the bassoon is the main part, one of them for solo bassoon, another for two bassoons and a bassoon quartet.

His works for bassoon and percussion stand out since it is a combination for which the repertoire does not abound.

The professionalism and good work in his writing are indisputable furthermore the profound knowledge of the bassoon he demonstrates.

The artistic and aesthetic value of his works is also remarkable, making Alexandre Ouzounoff a composer to be taken in mind by bassoon players.


Lawson, for solo bassoon (2014).

Vezelay, for two bassoons (2017).

Cinq Bagatelles, for double bass and bassoon (2017).

Fleur de l’aube, for bassoon and piano (2014).

Amok, for bassoon and piano (2013)

Cependant la lune se lève, for bassoon and vibraphone (2003).

Borneo, for bassoon and marimba (2015).

Nairobi, la nuit, for bassoon and percussion (1999).

Bosphore, for two bassoons, strings and percussion (2012).

Summer Street, for bassoon quartet (2015).

Naadam, for wind quintet and piano (2015).

Aphrodite, for flute, oboe, bassoon, two violins, viola and harp (Comissioned by Sophie Dartigalongue (Sophie Dervaux 2016).




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