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Juan Carlos Tortosa is the promoter of this web site, Iberfagot. Enthusiastic about music, communication and especially enthusiastic about learning new things every day. This site is the result of an idea from a few years ago, an important project in which it has been put great expectations. The main target is to share; to share projects, illusions, activities and knowledge. And also to promote the participation of all people with the same interests. 


I began studying music in the year 1974 as a clarinetist in the Unión Musical “La Artística” from Novelda, in the province of Alicante and also my academic training as an oboist. I have coursed oboe elementary studies at the Conservatorio Superior de Música “Oscar Esplá” from Alicante with the teacher Francisco Coderch. In the year 1982, I chose Bassoon studies. This was at the Conservatorio d'Elx with the teachers Juan Torres and at the Conservatorio Superior de Música “Oscar Esplá” de Alicante with Miguel Rodilla and Juan Iznardo. I got my Bassoon Teacher Degree in 1988 with the mark of Outstanding and Honour Mention and I finished my superior studies in 1990 with the mark of Outstanding. I also studied the basics of violin with Matilde Salvador. I have attended at repair and maintenance of wind instruments courses; Chamber Music with Luis Rego, Orchestra and Wind Band Conducting with Francisco Cabrelles Romero and Bassoon with Klaus Thunemann and Stefano Canuti. I have has also taken courses related to education and ICT, music and computer science, web development and management and school news.

During 2004-2005 I finished the studies of research aptitude corresponding to Doctorate Program of Music from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. 


I have been member of the Orquesta del Conservatorio Superior de Música “Oscar Esplá” from Alicante, Orquesta de Cámara de San Vicente, Orquesta Sinfónica de Alicante, Orquesta de Cámara “Ciutat d’Elx, Orquesta “Ciutat d’Elx”, Orquesta Sinfónica de Albacete and "Orquestra Ciutat de Novelda"

I have collaborated with the Banda Sinfónica Municipal de Alicante, Orquesta Filarmónica de Cuenca, Orquestra de Cambra de l’Empordà, Orquesta Lírica Mediterránea, Orquesta Barroca Valenciana and with other chamber music groups.

I have played as soloist with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Albacete, Orquesta “Ciutat d’Elx” and the Orquestra Ciutat de Novelda.

I have promoted with other colleagues the creation of the “Euterpe” Wind Quintet and the Trío de Novelda and also I have been a member of the “Conjunto de Cámara de Altea” and “Camerata Ciudad de Elche”. Near the year 2004, I promoted the creation of the “Tabarca” Bassoon Quartet whose debut was in February from 2005.


I developed an important pedagogical work as a professor of Music Theory and Bassoon at the Sociedad Unión Musical “La Artística” from Novelda, and as Bassoon teacher, Musical Language and Theory and Choir at the Conservatorio Elemental de Música from Novelda. I have conducted introductory music courses for kids in public schools in Novelda and I have taught courses in the summer of 2004 at Los Montesinos and Tibi and in 2005 at Benejama (Alicante).

I have teached classes at the Conservatorio Superior de Música “Oscar Esplá” from Alicante, teaching Bassoon and Bassoon Orchestral Repertory, Repertory Reserching to Woodwinds and elective course in Group Dynamics. I have teached Bassoon and Chamber Music at the Conservatorio Profesional de Música “Ana María Sánchez” de Elda and at the Conservatorio Municipal de Música de Xàbia. I have also teached Bassoon at the conservatories of Elche, Denia, Cullera, Lorca, Cartagena, Burgos and Zamora and at the Escuela de Música de la Sociedad Unión Musical “La Artística” de Novelda, the CIMO from Onil and at the AMCE “Santa Cecilia” from Elda. 

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The “Tabarca” Bassoon Quartet was founded in the year 2003 by the inquisitiveness of four professional bassoonists from the province of Alicante in Spain. All members from this ensemble share the interest since years ago by put up our instrument to the deserved level and we wish that most of people knows it. We also pretend that the Bassoon be well known by young musicians and by the escolar community. We contribute to this task since years through our teaching activity. This peculiar ensemble give new air to the Chamber Music concerts. The large sound registry of the Bassoon and their expressive capacity make we  can confront successfully the most assorted repertoires. Although in our programmes we incorporate original works, specially by good doing composers but not very well known into the symphonic panorama, we do not ignore quality arrangements which provide to the concert an important ludic component and besides, put the Bassoon near the world of Jazz, separated long time ago from it. Another point we have present when we make our programmes is to put closer the people the contemporary musical language and the new trends, always having in mind that our music be achievable to most people. With all this we get a group with strong educational content and very versatile, and at the same time we try make the public enjoy the music together with us, the performers. 

Other members

Throughout the career of  the Tabarca Bassoon Quartet, other bassoonists have been members of it. This is because from the beginning, we knew it would be necessary to have other colleagues due to mobility for work or study reasons, and sometimes it is impossible for original quartet members have the opportunity to work together.

Bartolomé Mayor Catalá (founder)

Rafael Domenech Donate (founder)

Ximo Morales Devesa


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¿Qúe es Iberfagot?

Iberfagot no es una organización, tampoco es una empresa. No es (por el momento) un grupo o colectivo de personas. Entonces, ¿qué es Iberfagot?

Iberfagot es el resultado del esfuerzo personal de una sola persona, Juan Carlos Tortosa, por aportar su grano de arena a la difusión de todo lo que rodea el mundo del Fagot.

¿De dónde viene Iberfagot?

Hace ya algunos años, lo que hoy es Iberfagot, tuvo su primera presencia en internet, a través de MSN Groups, con el nombre de "La Web del Fagot". 

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En el 2009 MSN Groups cerró y propuso a los que teníamos contenido en su portal migrar a la plataforma "Multiply". Después de probar ésta y otras plataformas Iberfagot se convirtió en blog. La primera entrada del blog, ya con el nombre de Iberfagot, se produjo en abril de 2009, en la plataforma Blogger. Desde entonces Iberfagot ha ido publicando regularmente contenido propio y de terceros en Iberfagot blogspot.

En 2014, Juan Carlos Tortosa, a través de (o con el nombre de) Iberfagot, después de varias pruebas, adquiere el nombre de dominio "iberfagot.com" y comienza la construcción de sus websites. Uno de ellos, Online Iberfagot, está activo desde principios de 2015. Online Iberfagot es desde junio de 2017 Shop Iberfagot. Este sitio es un catálogo de los trabajos publicados y en él se pueden ver las opciones de adquisición de nuestra publicaciones. Es entonces cuando aparece la primera publicación del logo actual de Iberfagot, que es el mismo utilizado en las publicaciones. 

Durante el verano de 2015, Iberfagot comienza las pruebas de su sitio web y lo hace público. Desde entonces hemos intentado mejorar en la medida de nuestra capacidad técnica la navegación en el sitio. La última modificación importante ha sido en julio de 2017.

¿A dónde se dirige Iberfagot?

 ¿Quién sabe? Desde luego, Iberfagot aspira a convertirse con el tiempo en un portal de referencia a nivel nacional y ¿por qué no?, también internacional. Así pues, desde Iberfagot invitamos a todos aquellos que compartan nuestra filosofía de trabajo a unirse a este proyecto.


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About Iberfagot

What is Iberfagot?

Iberfagot is neither an organization nor an enterprise. It is not (at this time) a group or union people. Then, what is Iberfagot?

Iberfagot is the result of the personal efforts of an only person, Juan Carlos Tortosa, by contributing to the dissemination of all around the Bassoon's world.

From where is coming?

Some years ago, what is now Iberfagot, had his first presence on the web, through MSN Groups, with this name, "La Web del Fagot". 

La Web del Fagot





In the year 2009 MSN Groups closed and people who had contents in their portal was suggested to migrate to the new platform called "Multiply". After trying this platform and other ones Iberfagot becomes in a blog. The first entry in the blog with the name of Iberfagot was in April 2009. It was in the "Blogger" platform. Since then Iberfagot has been regularly publishing both, own content and third content in the address Iberfagot Blogspot.

In the year 2014, Juan Carlos Tortosa, through (or with the name of) Iberfagot, after many trials, purchased his domain name "iberfagot.com" and begins building their websites. One of them, Online Iberfagot, is working since the beginning of the year 2015. Since July 2017 Online Iberfagot becomes into Shop Iberfagot. This site is a catalogue of our works and we can see here some options to purchase our publications. Is at this time when appears the first publication of our current logo, which is the same used in our publications. 

During the summer of 2015, Iberfagot begins the tests of their website. Since then we have tried to improve the navigation on the site. The last major modification has been in July 2017.

Where Iberfagot goes?

Who knows it? Of course, Iberfagot aspires to become an internet portal known in all our country and, why not? also in other places around the world. Nevertheless, our passion for well-done work and our aspiration to be a high-quality contents provider will condition the project development.


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