Frequently asked questions


    • Need I to be logged to browse this website?

      No, you don't. You can browse all the website without be logued.

    • Need I to be registered user to browse this webssite?

      No, you don't. You can browse all the website without be registered user.

    • How can I close the session?

      Some pages have a login module in the right bar. You also can navigate to "Pages" - "User registry" at the top menu.

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    • Can I to publish blog entries?

      No you can't. Only registered users with permissions can do it.

    • Can I to publish comments in the blog?

      Yes, you can. Publishing comments is activated.

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  • How many languages are enabled in this website?

    Spanish and English are enabled in this web but be carefully because some pages and sections are not  translated. Blog entries normally talk about Spanish interest, so the content of the blog is only in Spanish language, nevertheless navigation is both in English and Spanish languages. Some articles are translated so you will see a flag at the beggining of the article. The same occurs in our Forum and Downloads section, only menus and navigation appears in English.

  • How can I swicht the language?

    In the left side menu you have two flag icons to select the language.

    You can also go to the Home page and choose the language by clicking on the flags.

    Another way to do this is by typing directly into the browser's address bar. For example, if you are in https://iberfagot.com/index.php/es/paginas/navegacion/magazine you can change /es/ to /en/ and go to the new language.

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