The new Iberfagot is here.

We have completely updated our website to use a more secure, accessible and faster content management system (CMS). The visual aspect has also changed as we use a different template. Only the "Glossary" section keeps the old template, as at the moment it is not possible to get the same visual result with the new templates.

Some sections, such as Downloads, although activated, do not work properly because the plugins used are in beta mode. The same goes for the forum. We have done cleaning up comments and users, most of those that have been removed were spam. We recommend at users who have already registered check the correct access and review our terms of use. If you want to be eliminated from our database you must send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Comments on articles are currently disabled, until we find a plugin that offers greater security against spam. The same thing happens with registration through social networks. Soon we will activate it again, except for Twitter since we consider that the security of this social network is very poor.

We have maintained a navigation structure very similar to the previous one and all relevant content has been migrated.

It is possible that you find some mistake while browsing the site or sometimes you experience falls of the web page, since we are working on correction of the bugs that we are finding. We thank you in advance for informing us of the errors you may find, and if you have any suggestions, we will try to put it into operation.

Finally, we hope to continue counting on your visits and that the content of our website is useful to you.

Greetings from Iberfagot.