Iberfagot welcomes you to his website


In our website you can find information about the author of Iberfagot  and Bassoon Quartet Tabarca as well as information about publications from Iberfagot.

One of the main parts of the site is the blog. We are moving some posts from the previous blog, http://iberfagot.blogspot.com.es, which remain interesting today but for a limited time we are going to publish the content on both sites.

No one except the site owner can publish, nevertheless if you have something interesting to say and you think that Iberfagot is a good place to do it, you can contact Iberfagot through the contact form.

You can also send your link to sites of your property if you want to be published in Iberfagot.

The Iberfagot forum is ready to use and little later we intend to implement a virtual classroom.

If you think you can collaborate regularly with Iberfagot contact with us as mentioned above. Iberfagot aspires to be a place open to participation and we are technically ready.

If you have some problem with navigation or suggestions, please let us know. We will be very grateful.

The site uses a https protocol, with appropriate safeguards for the user registration that is enabled but not required. Finally, we hope you find the site interesting and we thank you in advance for your visit.

Regards by Juan Carlos Tortosa in Iberfagot name.